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The Benefits To Increasing Your Network

1. Meeting New people with New Ideas & The Having The opportunity to Play off of each others strengths and weakness’s

2. Having access to More Credible individuals or Simply being able to conversate with someone who can give you a more profound outlook on the subject matter at hand

3.In the online world a benefit can be having access to more individuals.. being able to Touch More people at once ..(Drive driffic or refer people to any given online/offline destination)

4.Having doors open that might have not been open in the past.. Solely due to the fact that You have connected with someone eles who has the keys to that previously locked door

Let Me Take you on Alil trip down Memory Lane

…”TWITTER-SYTLE” …. Im sure some can Relate !!

I Am a advocate of Networking ! I enjoy it I do it on a daily basis and I have meet alot of people who have been a great influence to me which whom I wouldnt have met if it had not been for Online Social networking Platforms such as @Facebook and @Twitter !

My path To Increasing My Network On Twitter Begins With … Like most, a Page that sits there because you have no idea what to do for the first weeks or months in some case and you have no idea of how to Gain followers ..I am no exception … Although Now 7mnths Later I am What most people would call an Expert at Twitter and Twitter Marketing ,I too went through a phase of .. Wondering and scratching my head like I’ve heard alot of hype about this new platform but , “What can twitter do for me and had no idea of how it could benefit me more so than Facebook ” at the time .. But I knew 1 thing was for sure , Its a social networking platform and the key is to network ..Hmmmm .. So then came the Question “How the heck Do I increase my following..? ” whats the secret … How are these people getting 5 -10- 20,000 Followers + On 1 page …?? Baffled my mind at 1st .. So I ended up running across a few Promo pages ..the first 1 was called ” TeamFollowback ” the original , and The idea was that when you #RT and/or follow the person they tell you To ,they would eventually get around to Shouting YOU out or Promoting your page & since they had anywhere from 20,000 to 100,000+ people following there team on various pages that they ran It was highly likely that if they promoted/shouted you out with just that 1 tweet on there 5 to 7+ pages You would have 5-10 ppl #RT that promo tweet that said hey FOLLOW @MEor/YOU and guess what….? You would gain a few followers .. Ok so yea it worked to an extent ..But why .??? Its because they had “ MULTIPLE PAGES ” and each pages theme was based around PROMO’s , SHOUTOUTS , #RT’s and You knowing that if you Followed One of the ” Teamfollowback ” or ” Teemfollowback ” pages you would get an automatic followback in most cases with-in 24hrs … Now a days 6-7 months later these pages have been replaced with others who have adopted this same technique..But yet the #HASHTAG —– #TEAMFOLLOWBACK or #TFB is still greatly used and vastly know in the Twitter community as far as in the United States at least … Soooo what Happened next !! I began to adopt the strategies #RETWEETING ppl in large groups , Shouting out “hey thanks for the follow Now following back ” or “Shoutout to my new followers” & I actually made this apart of my everyday routine for about 30 days and it wasnt on the intention of conversating or building relationships Just simply gaining followers and it was working to the tune of about 500-700 followers in the first month.. At the time I though it was ok But in actuality it was still slow comming..

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Ok … So I still wasn’t Getting followers like  wanted so I created a version of my own …Some of you might have landed here because of this Profile page which quickly acceded my own but I wont say .. I will say If you Read the Bio Its not hard to tell but That Page Runs completely on 100% full auto-pilot and is now 6 mnths later In access of over 30,000+ followers and gaining 300-400+ new followers Every single day! Between Time With keeping tabs on the #Teamfollowback movement I noticed that within the first 2-months during the Time of me trying to apply there techniques with my own efforts to Increasing my network, they had completely stopped the promo’s #RT’s and MASS shoutouts ..But by this time there network was probably in access of over 200,000+ ..  I have suspicion to believe that They are the creators of this Brilliant twitter management tool called TweetBig ..I had noticed that every page they had would now shoutout with a tweet similar to this — “#Shoutout to @Thisperson & #RT ! I gained all my followers using ” Now people where still in the #RT mode because of how they had already been programmed to pretty much #RT any tweet from teemfollowback and like pages in hopes of gaining followers ..So there massive following ended up turning into the fuel the needed to drive massive amounts of Targeted people/Traffic who “Wanted MORE FOLLOWERS ” to there WEBSITE and hopefully the ones who know that having a huge following is Gold.. Even if your not engaging everyone the sheer numbers would get you some involvement, that these people would sign up for it … Plus It works ..!! Plain and simple it allows you to not only target other users following and follow them but the people that user follows aswell ..It also allows you to see the Percentage of chance that a user would follow you back … So if I follow 200+ ppl with a 95-110% followback ratio I would gain followers 3-4x’s as fast as someone who’s following people at random.Scheduled Tweets ,Follow People according to specific Keywords in various tweets and much more.. So eventually I too signed up  b/c I wanted more followers myself plus I figured they knew what they was doing after seeing the transition take place before my very eyes & Guess what I started gaining followers and my networking capabilities exploded !

The moral of the Story is …

That Like myself  there business began with having a Huge network/audience that they could tap into on twitter and the possiblity of creating a company evolved from that … This Can be applied to any company or future business.. Twitter is the Easiest source to tap into for free Traffic via SOCIAL Network without relying on Google,Bing,Youtube or any other source .. Build your network and different opportunities will soon begin to  open up for you as they did and are everyday for many others..


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Then keep reading….. 

 It gets even better!!

” TweeTAttacks2

The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Tool 

The best Tool Ive ran Across So far that Will Allow you to take your Twitter marketing to the Next level !! For me This has been the missing key able to deliver a Different type of approach to how a page is ran and managed … Most ppl who I see and have known To use this tool generally uses it for Link Spamming purposes ! This in some cases is still effective for generating traffic but without the right formula the pages will end up being banned and suspended for simply spamming links within the average of 48hrs to possibly a around 4-5 days Depending ..Hence the reason alot of ppl have 20-50 pages running at once .. There called a “Burn out” pages … Sole intention is For generating clicks at a much faster rate with the possibility of being able to convert that 1 or 2  vistors that see the benefit in the service your promoting into a customer .. I dont reccomend this approach because it involves to Much management .. Id rather build a page that doesnt get as much clicks but at the same time holds some type of purpose to other twitter users,gets engagement and is Less likely to Be suspended or banned …But

With the Right “Formula” in place … (& I can help)

This tool will increase your chances of creating  affiliate profits,  sales & commissions,Increased traffic, the ability to gain tons of Target Twitter followers & much more … Not to mention Most of this will be going on” IN YOUR SLEEP ” 24-7 around the clock on auto-pilot! It will automatically target,search & respond with custom written tweets that you create or from RSS, to people who are looking for what you have to offer,say,promote or simply have your same interest ! (Advanced tweeters) With tweetattacks 2 theres No Need to manualy run your various twitter campaigns again! When you put them together you’ll instantly begin to see tons of traffic,tons of followers, while you sit back and watch your Following build !

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13 Responses to “Twitter”

  1. matthewblaylock April 8, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    How do i get followers

  2. NUBI April 27, 2011 at 2:52 am #

    intrested need even more information

  3. chris May 4, 2011 at 12:30 am #

    i need more follow on twitter

  4. adrian May 15, 2011 at 11:25 pm #

    I am watching

  5. Dimarcus Jackson May 19, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    Hello..there I hope some of this information was useful , From the responses I’ve been receiving I realize that most people still need more information or havnt fully grasped the concept ! Its very simple and anyone can set this system up within anywhere from 15 to 45 mins..I’m currently trying to work on a few ways to help and explain this system in better detail as perfect it myself ..In the meantime you can visit my Youtube channel there is a link at the very end of the page post “Social Networking 101″ Goodluck to you if you do decide to get more into Internet marketing & Twitter Marketing ..You can always follow me & shoot me a mention on twitter if you get stuck or have any questions I’m always there & always whilling to help !! Thanks again for stopping by “More to come ” #knowledgeIsPower

    • Mel June 27, 2011 at 6:57 am #

      Have you created this program or someone else? If someone else do they have help pages to read?

      • Dimarcus Jackson June 29, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

        I have Created a System … A Way to Maximize your efforts and Take Your Twitter Marketing Campaigns to the Next level ,By combining certain tools and using a specific formula .. If you need more info Click the Link Under the Youtube Image… Thanks for the comment …

      • Frank Thomas November 9, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

        Hey Dimarcus, I’d be really interested in hearing about your Twitter exploits for sure! I’m going to click your link under the Youtube graphic, but love to hear more.



  6. Le Bron B. Farrakhan May 29, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    This definitely has been a new breakthrough in my online efforts!

  7. anthony June 25, 2011 at 11:55 am #

    Great website, always expanding my twitter arsenal. And this really helped. Also I have some for you to check my website.

  8. Quincy July 25, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    Hey, I will like for you to give me some more information privately because i understand after buying this software you you to create multiple accounts you will need private proxies. If you help me i will buy it through your link you can shoot me an email

  9. Allen Daniels August 16, 2011 at 4:38 pm #


    Great content, I came over from youtube after watching a few of your videos.

    This strategy would be excellent to use with CPA networks that allow social media as a collection point.

    EG: “I want and IPad” send to CPA for free IPad contest then collect $1.50 for the email collected for the CPA vendor.

    Do you have any data on what your click through rates and then sales or lead capture rates are using your strategies?

    Allen Daniels
    skype: allendaniels5

  10. Luanne October 27, 2011 at 1:10 am #

    Great information! I’ll share on Facebook. Thanks!

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